Carpet cleaning does come with some issues, and you need to understand that your carpet may buckle after professional cleaning. This is often due to the age of the carpet, and not through something that the professionals have done. You should never avoid having the carpets cleaned due to a fear of buckling, as cleaning them is vital.

Every carpet cleaning company can be in danger of causing your carpet to buckle, in some carpets this may only be a minor issue, and in others it can be a massive problem. Taking the time to speak to the carpet cleaning company in Cheltenham before they begin can help to put your mind at rest. They will explain the reasons behind this buckling effect.

As your carpet ages, the padding underneath begins to fall apart, which allows the carpet to stretch. As the carpet cleaner is used over the surface, it pulls the carpet away from the backing even more. Sometimes this also happens to new carpets in high traffic areas, especially on industrial carpet in businesses.

If you notice that your carpet has buckled after cleaning, you must ensure that no one steps on the carpet until it is 100% dry. As it begins to dry the carpet will shrink back to size, and remove the problem. However, if the buckling remains, you may have to have the carpet reinstalled which will solve the stretching problem.