Red wine is drunk by millions of people all over the world; unfortunately, it is also the most spilled beverage by adults. As soon as the red wine lands on the carpet, it is instinctive to panic, but you must stay calm. Regardless whether it is a full bottle, or a small amount from a glass, you can clean the stain effectively.

There are many different suggestions of the best way to deal with a red wine stain, and you need to research them all and decide what method you want to use. Some people find that salt helps, and others prefer to use club soda. Regardless of what you choose, the stain can be removed easily with some knowledge and effort.

Once the stain has been removed you can contact a carpet cleaning in Cheltenham who will professionally clean your carpets, and make them look like new. The first thing you must do when the red wine has been dropped on the carpet is to remove the excess liquid. This should be done by applying a clean paper towel, blotting the liquid and never rubbing the area.

You should then mix a teaspoon of carpet cleaner and a cup of hydrogen peroxide with some warm water, and use the solution to clean the affected area. Using a sponge that is soaked in the liquid and then wrung out you need to blot until all of the red wine has been removed. You will need to repeat several times to remove and then spray with warm water, and blot again.