Carpets are excellent floor coverings, but when they have items spilt on them they can rapidly look old and worn. You need to clean up everything that is spilt on your carpet immediately, and learn the difference between a spot and a stain. There are vast differences and a carpet cleaning company in Cheltenham will be able to advise you on the differences between the two.

Spots on the carpet are classified as something that has been split but not chemically bonded to the carpet fibres. This would be items such as food, dirt, debris and liquids, which are easier to clean and will not cause lasting damage. These spills should still be cleaned immediately to ensure that it is far easier for you to keep your carpet in excellent condition.

Stains on our carpet are often more troublesome, and can cause lasting damage easily as they attach themselves to your carpet fibres. These are spills such as oil, make up, nail polish and foods that harden quickly or spread with ease. You may need to use more complicated methods to remove these spills, and professional carpet cleaning is often advised.

Another clear difference between the two spills is the fact that you will see the spot, but a stain can be transparent. Stains such a soil will also cause dirt and dust to cling to the carpet, which causes more issues and cleaning problems. If you are in any doubt about how to clean the carpet and remove the problem, you should seek professional help and advice.