Painting your home can bring a fresh new appearance to every room, but accidents do happen, and you may find that paint ends up on the carpet. When this happens you need to stop and think of the best way to deal with the problem. Some people panic and end up making the situation far worse, you need to remain calm, and clean up the paint quickly.

Drips of paint are quite easy to cope with, and as long as they have not dried, you can easily dab at the affected area. This will remove the paint and ensure that a stain does not appear, but you must make sure that you do not rub the area. Forcing the paint into the carpet fibres is a tricky situation, and will make matters far worse.

If the paint is a vast amount, you need to use a wet and dry vac, which will help to lift the paint before it dries. You can apply a wet towel to the area until you get the vac, but you must keep the carpet wet. If the paint dries you will be in trouble, and even a carpet cleaning company will struggle to help.

Some paints are easier to remove than others, and you may be lucky, and find that the paint lifts easily. After a few days, you can wash the area with warm water, and once dried vacuum as normal and proceed with your standard cleaning routine. You need to ensure that you keep onto of cleaning, and remove stains immediately.