Mustard is a popular condiment that people use every day; unfortunately, this is one of the top things that get spilt on carpets. Accidents do happen; however, you need to react fast and ensure that the stain is dealt with immediately. If you leave the mustard on the carpet it will result in the problem escalating, and will be difficult to remove in the future.

This stain is distressing as not only can it cause damage when it sets rapidly, but also is bright yellow, which cannot be hidden. If you research the different techniques to remove the mustard stain, it will make your job far easier. You can contact a cleaning company in Cheltenham who will help and advice on the best methods of removal.

One of the most vital aspects is ensuring that the mustard is cleaned up immediately, and this should be done carefully. You do not want to spread the mustard on the carpet and push it deeper into the fibres. After you have removed the excess, you should spray the area with a pre spray solution, and allow it to settle for around 20 minutes.

An ammonia water based solution needs to be applied to the area with a spray bottle, whilst using a soft bristle brush to lightly remove the stain. At this point, you will notice that a huge proportion if not all of the stain has been removed. If it is being stubborn, you may need to repeat the steps until it is removed.