There are numerous myths that surround carpet cleaning that you need to research and understand before you decide the best way forward with this cleaning project. You want to ensure that the equipment that you use is top quality and that you are capable of cleaning the carpets to a high standard. Taking the time to research the best ways to clean your carpets will guarantee that your floor surfaces are spotless.

I will see the dirt – is one of the biggest myths regarding when to clean your carpets as many dirt particles can be in the carpets without you knowing. You may not even be able to see the dirt in the carpets, as often they appear no different. Cleaning your carpets regularly will help to prolong their life, and ensure that your home is healthy.

Steam cleaning is a far better method – this is often stated when people are unsure of what method to use on their carpets. Although steam cleaning is a popular choice, there are numerous methods that can be used to clean your carpets. The carpet cleaning company that you choose will be able to discuss all of the techniques and methods that are available.

All carpet cleaners are identical – this is a myth and one that can end up costing you more if you are unsure of the differences in equipment. Many carpet cleaners on the market have extensive technologies involved that help to keep your carpets in excellent condition. If you look at cheap models, you are likely to get a low quality machine.

Once the carpets are cleaned, they will get dirty quicker – this is something that far too many people believe, and is often why they delay the carpet cleaning process. The only reason that your carpets will get dirtier quicker, is if you use too much detergent, which can attract more debris and dirt. However, even this is not a significant amount, and you will rarely notice the dirt on the carpets.

Carpet cleaners will damage the carpets – which is why people delay the process for as long as possible. Although the machines look incredibly powerful, they are designed to be gentle on your carpets, and cause no damage. Regular carpet cleaning is the best thing for your floor surfaces, and you will see an improvement immediately.

Doing the job yourself will get the same results as the professionals – is a myth that so many people believe, and is why many homeowners choose to rent the equipment. Regardless of how skilled you are in DIY and cleaning, you will never beat the professionals. Often the rental machines that are available are low powered and will not complete the task adequately.

Carpet cleaning will remove the stain resistance – this is partially true; however, this will happen anyway with regular use. The stain resistance will eventually wear off anyway, and the carpets will need cleaning. They are never designed to be a permanent measure, and you can always choose to add a new stain resistance after cleaning.