Dogs are a favourite pet to own; however, they do bring problems for your carpets and upholstery that you need to keep on top of constantly. All dogs will lose their hair, which can become a headache when attempting to remove it from the carpets. However, there are solutions to this problem that can help your carpets to remain in excellent condition.

You will soon discover that the dog hair not only sits on the surface of the carpet, but has a unique ability to bury itself deep into the fibres. This is why you need to vacuum often, and use a top quality vacuum cleaner. Some people find that they need to vacuum every day, which can become a chore that many try to avoid.

When you are unsure of the best solutions to your problem, you should speak to the experts as they will be able to offer help and advice. Choose a carpet cleaning business who is experienced with all aspects of carpets, and you will find solutions. Cleaning your carpets is always recommended, but if you have not removed the dog hair this will be ineffective.

There are several tools that are recommended to help with dog hair on the carpets, including a carpet rake. This simple yet effective tool will effectively pull the dog hair from your carpet, and ensure that you can keep on top of the problem. Many people find that raking the carpet before vacuuming makes the task far easier.