Stains on carpets can be a massive issue, and there are numerous different stains that can cause you a headache. You need to ensure that you understand that not all stains are the same; therefore, they need to be treated differently. The chemical makeup of different products will make it harder to clean of the carpet, and some will react badly to just water.

This is why the cleaning process can be far more complicated than you first imagined, and is why many people call upon the services of a carpet cleaning company in Cheltenham. The professionals are qualified to understand the different stains, and the best way to remove them from your carpet. However, you can tackle many stains yourself, as long as you research the best methods before jumping in and attempting to clean the carpet.

There are common household stains that most homes will encounter at some point, which includes pet urine, ketchup, wine and oil. Makeup is another common item that is dropped on the floor and if left untreated will damage your carpet. Pet stains need to be removed immediately as the bacteria in the urine will cause a nasty odour if left for any amount of time.

Some of the most difficult stains to remove are from oil, grease and paint, which can easily be spilt on the carpet. If the stain is minimal you should attempt to keep the area damp, and covered with a moist towel. Do not allow the stain to dry out as this will cause massive problems when attempting to remove the spillage.

With this style of stain, you will need to call the professionals immediately as they are the most knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with this form of stain. If you are in any doubt about any stain calling a professional cleaning company is the best way to put your mind at ease. A vast majority of stains can be removed by spraying a shop bought household cleaner onto the problem area.

These will break down the stain, allowing you to be able to remove them with ease, and avoid hours of scrubbing the carpet. There are stains that appear awful such as marker, ink and crayon; however, these are relatively straightforward to remove. You will need to use a dry chemical cleaner, and in some cases hairspray works well for lifting the stain.

Food is one of the most common items that are spilled on the floor, and when cleaning these you need to remove the solid elements first. Then pat the area with a clean towel, avoiding scrubbing the area at any time. This will simply rub the stain into the carpet and cause more problems when you need to clean the carpet later.

Coffee is a spill that can cause huge issues and often you will need to call the professionals to deal with these stains. With so many different items that can be spilt on the carpet, you need to be up to date with the latest techniques and cleaning products. If you are in any doubt, seek professional help and advice.