Candle wax is considered to be a difficult thing to remove from carpets, and if not done correctly it can damage the fibres. If possible you need to clean up the spill as soon as it happens, which will help to ensure that the carpet is not damaged. You will need to apply an entirely different way of thinking where this stain is concerned.

A waterproof ziplock bag is needed filled with ice which will be sued to freeze the wax on the carpet so that you can scrap the larger pieces. Make sure that the wax does not get wet and that you gently scrape at the wax, or it will damage the carpet. After the larger pieces of wax are removed, you will need to cover the stain with a brown paper bag.

Gently iron the bag on a low setting, ensuring that you do not burn the carpet whilst performing this task. As the iron melts the wax it will be absorbed into the paper, lifting the substance from the carpet, and providing a cleaner area to tackle. You may need to repeat the process a couple of times; however, it is effective.

After the wax has been removed you may want to contact a carpet cleaning company in Cheltenham to clean all of the carpets. Maintaining your floor coverings is a vital thing to do, and will ensure that the carpets have a longer life. Removing stains immediately and vacuuming the floors will also help in the process.