Pets and kids make a happy home; however, they also make a mess, and bring mud into the house and onto the carpets. This can be frustrating, and most parents will spend a proportion of the day cleaning up after the pets and kids. You want them to play outside, but you do not want the outside brought indoors.

When you find that the mud is being brought inside, you need to take steps to solve the problem and remove the mud before it stains. You need to be patient and let the mud dry as this will allow you to clean it up far easier. Wet mud is a nightmare, and we suggest leaving the mud until it is completely dry.

Once it has dried you can break it up, and vacuum the excess ensuring that your carpet is kept clean. If the mud refuses to budge, you should use a butter knife or stiff brush, which will help to loosen the mud. A household vacuum can cope with cleaning up mud, and many people find this is one of the easiest stains to clean up in the home.

If there is a brown stain on the carpet, you will need to clean with dish soap and warm water on a rag. Blot the area, rinse and repeat several times until the stain is completely removed.  Once the area has dried, you can vacuum again, until you are happy with the result.