Sweets may be something that you only have in the house for distinct occasions; however, you are likely to have to clean them up from your carpet when they are dropped. Candy can be a stubborn stain to remove as it becomes sticky, and contains numerous colours and dyes. The moment it becomes deeply embedded into the carpet, you will have massive problems.

You will need to consider several different factors including the style of carpet that you have, and the amount of candy on the floor. It is never an idea to attempt to pull the candy from the carpet as this can damage the fibres. If you are in any doubt how to deal with this sticky situation, you should seek professional help from a carpet cleaning company in Cheltenham.

Scrapping the excess candy from the carpets recommended, and will help you to remove the mess far quicker. Once you have removed the solid lumps, you will need to dip a sponge into warm water and gently brush towards the centre to release more of the candy particles.

Dish soap is excellent at removing candy and can be applied with a spray bottle to the affected area and gently blotted and rubbed. Distilled white vinegar is another option that you can use and is excellent at lifting the candy residue. Once you have all of the candy removed, you can rinse the area with water. Candy can be a nightmare to remove, but it s worth putting in the effort and achieving a clean carpet.