Spilling gravy on the carpet is unusual, but it does happen, which is why you need to be prepared. A majority of the time it will be your children that drop their dinner on the carpet and gravy can be a headache to remove. You need to ensure that you act fast, and remove the excess gravy before it dries on the carpet.

Using a spoon you should lift the main bulk of the gravy, and scoop it into the centre of the spill, avoiding spreading gravy further. The more of a mess that you make, the longer it will take to clean up correctly. You may want to contact a carpet cleaning in Cheltenham once the stain has been removed, to give your carpets a top quality clean.

Once the gravy has been removed, you need to apply talcum powder to the area, which may seem strange; however, it is incredibly effective. After approximately twenty minutes, you should vacuum the area as the powder will have absorbed the oil from the gravy. The stain will then need to have alcohol applied, working from the outside to the centre of the stain.

Dish soap mixed with warm water is excellent for removing the stubborn stain, and one removed you can spray with water. You will need to apply a towel to the area to remove the excess liquid, and then allow drying time.