When you drop nail polish on the carpet, you may think there is no way to remove it, however, if you work quickly, you will be surprised at the results.  Unfortunately, nail polish bonds to everything, which is an issue when it gets to grips with your carpet fibres. This is why you need to find a solution that breaks down the structure of polish and makes it far easier to remove.

The best thing to use is an acetone based solution. Therefore, nail polish remover is one of the best things to use on the stain, but you must use it carefully, and in small quantities. You must use the remover in a well ventilated room, and never use too much, or it will damage the carpet.

If you have any doubt, you could try testing the remover on a small portion of the carpet, guaranteeing that it does not cause long term damage. You will need to trim the excess nail polish from the carpet with a pair of nail scissors. This should be done carefully, and you should try not to cut too much of the carpet.

Slowly apply one or two drops of remover to the stain, and you will notice that the nail polish begins to run. At this point, you need to begin to blot the area, and gently remove the nail polish colour from the carpet. If the stain appears to be too stubborn, you can aggravate the area with a toothbrush, by gently rubbing the area, you will notice a clear difference with the stain.