Crayons are an item that you are likely to have in your home if you have children, and although they can bring hours of fun, they can also cause headaches. The wax that is used to manufacture the crayons can be a nightmare to remove from carpets, and the dye is another factor you need to consider.

This is a stain that needs to be dealt with correctly, and searching for the best remedy is essential to guaranteeing that you remove the crayon with success. If you are struggling to find a solution you could speak to a carpet cleaning company in Cheltenham. They will be happy to help, and will suggest a professional clean once the crayon has been removed.

You must never rub the crayon as this will cause the problem to escalate and the wax substance will bury deeper into the fibres of your carpet. Using a putty or butter knife, you need to carefully remove the crayon which will take time. Be gentle or you will damage your carpet further, which can be a disaster.

Once the majority of the crayon has been removed, you will need to treat the stain that is left on the carpet. Paint, oil and grease remover is essential for the process to work, but it must be applied in small doses. Using too much can cause the carpet to fade; therefore mixing it with water is advised to make a weaker solution.

You need to apply this solution to the carpet with a spray bottle, blotting the area until the crayon stain is removed. If you find there is a problem removing the stain, you should agitate he area with a soft brush. This will help to loosen any stubborn pieces of crayon, and allow you to remove them easily.