A staggering two and a quarter billion cups of coffee are drunk every day, and a massive proportion of these end up on the carpet. This extraordinary beverage is enjoyed all around the world, and it is likely to be in your home. Being prepared and understanding how to clean up coffee stains can help in a crisis, and ensure that your carpets are saved.

Fresh coffee stains may be daunting, but they are not impossible to clean up if you work fast, and ensure that you clean them properly. The first thing that any cleaning company in Cheltenham will advise you to do is blot the excess liquid. This is vital to ensure that you do not spread the problem and that you have stain rather than a puddle to deal with.

You will need to mix a tablespoon of white vinegar, two cups of warm water, and one tablespoon of detergent to make the perfect solution. Dip a rag into the solution and blot the spot working from the outside towards the centre. Repeat this until the stain has been removed and you can no longer see coffee.

Clean the area with warm water and a clean towel until there is no more coffee on the carpet, and you are happy with the results. If you act fast, and clean up the spill correctly, the coffee will be removed, and the need to call the professionals will be avoided. However, carpet cleaning is advised to help prolong the life of your carpet.