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Reduce allergens, protect your health, and bring your carpets back to life. Regency Cleaners is the premier Cheltenham carpet cleaning service. From domestic to commercial, we’ve got what it takes to fully rejuvenate your tattered carpets and have them look brand-new again.

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Expert Carpet Cleaning

The Best Carpet Cleaning Cheltenham Has to Offer

Did you know that the average person spends around 90% of their time indoors? That’s a lot of time spent in your home or office. Whether it be mould, dust, mites, allergens, pet dander or just general dirt and grime, the air you’re breathing inside may not be as clean as you think.

Poor indoor air quality has been linked to a number of health problems such as headaches, respiratory problems and even more serious conditions. Here’s the good news: we’re here to help.

Regency Cleaners is the Cheltenham carpet cleaning service that gets it done proper. We use the latest in cleaning technology and our team of highly trained professionals have years of experience in making carpets look and feel like new again. Not only will we leave your carpets looking great, but we’ll also improve your indoor air quality, giving you and your family peace of mind.

Life can get busy. It’s easy for you to leave your carpet cleaning in the background. Why not let Regency Cleaners give you a hand? After all, we don’t just clean your carpets, we help protect your health.

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Our Simple & Effective Carpet Cleaning Process

Inspect Your Carpet

Our carpet cleaning starts with a thorough inspection of the carpets that you would like us to clean. We’ll take note of any stubborn stains and other problem areas and use our special spot treatment to begin working out stains before we commence a full cleaning.

Clean Your Carpet

We then use our machines to pump hot water into your carpet. This process gets deep down into the fibres and releases any dirt, dust or allergens. If needed, we can also apply a stain treatment to your carpets, ensuring they hold up for years to come.

Re-Inspect & Dry

Once we're finished with the cleaning, we'll conduct a thorough post-cleaning inspection to ensure we covered every centimeter and eliminated any stains. Once we're complete, your carpets will be ready to use after a couple of hours of drying.

Domestic Carpet Cleaning

Home Carpet Cleaning Cheltenham Can Depend On

Don’t let tough stains and stubborn allergies deter you – Regency Cleaners can help with all of your home carpet cleaning needs. From stains, dust and dirt, to downright seemingly indestructible grime, we’re able to breathe new life into your home’s carpets. Not to mention, our carpet cleaning services can also help get rid of pesky pet allergies.

Our team of expert cleaners will work diligently to clean every nook and cranny of your carpets, ensuring that they’re refreshed, revived and free of any dirt, dust or allergens. We understand that not everyone has the time to clean their carpets on a regular basis, which is why we offer competitive rates and flexible scheduling.

What’s more, we use eco-friendly cleaning solutions for your home carpet cleaning needs. This means you can rest assured that your family, friends, and pets are safe.

Ready to experience life-changing home carpet cleaning? You need not look beyond Regency Cleaners. We’re the home carpet cleaning Cheltenham trusts for thorough and dependable results each and every time.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Cheltenham Relies On

From office buildings to retail stores, Regency Cleaners has the experience and expertise to handle all of your Cheltenham commercial carpet cleaning needs. We understand that first impressions are important, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure that your carpets are clean and presentable at all times.

Maintaining a clean commercial property is vital in not only presenting a trusted image, but it’s also important when it comes to the health of you, your guests, and your staff.

No matter how big or small the job may be, our team of professional cleaners will work diligently to get the job done right. We also understand that every business is different, which is why we offer a range of cleaning packages that can be customised to meet your specific needs.

If you’re looking for a reliable and reputable commercial carpet cleaning company in Cheltenham, look no further than Regency Cleaners. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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Why Choose Us?

Top Rated Cheltenham Carpet Cleaners

When it comes to your home or commercial property’s carpet cleaning needs, what makes us the best choice? It’s simple: quality. Regency Cleaners prides itself on providing nothing less than high-quality carpet cleaning and customer service.

When you choose us as your Cheltenham carpet cleaners, you’re choosing a company that puts your needs first. You’re making the decision that you won’t settle for less – your carpets and your health deserve the best.

Regency Cleaners is a top-rated Cheltenham carpet cleaner for a reason. It’s because we actively assess what you need and deliver a solution that’s sure to exceed your expectations. What more could you ask for?

  • Residential Carpet Cleaning
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning
  • Eco-Friendly Solutions
  • Decades of Experience
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Thorough & Precise Results

Pet-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Services

We understand that our customers are looking for a great service that is as safe as it is effective. That’s why we will always use the latest trusted and tested cleaning products. Not only are they safe for families and pets, but they also produce the best results.

Expert Carpet Cleaning Technicians

We are proud of the track record we have built over the years and this is largely down to the commitment, expertise, and passion of our trained technicians. No job is too large or too small and you can always be sure of service with a smile and great advice!

Allergy Friendly Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Our eco-friendly carpet and mattress cleaning services help to make your home a healthier place for your family and can reduce allergies caused by pets, pollen, mould and dust mites. When you invite us into your home, you can count on us to keep you allergy-free.

Got Questions?

Cheltenham Carpet Cleaning FAQ

Before you opt for a carpet cleaning, whether it be commercial or domestic, you likely have some questions that need answering. With our decades of experience, we’ve heard just about every question imaginable when it comes to carpet cleaning. From broad and general to very niche and specific questions, we’ve answered them all.

To better help you through the carpet cleaning process, we’ve compiled a list of our most commonly asked questions. Please take a look through them to answer any questions you may have. If you have a specific question that you don’t see answered, just reach out and contact us for a direct answer.

Our goal is to help get you one step closer to having dirt and allergen-free home or office. When Regency Cleaners is on the job, that’s the exact result you get. We guarantee it.

How long will it take for my carpet to dry after a cleaning?

Drying times can vary from property to property and can be affected by ventilation, humidity levels and the type of carpet we are cleaning. However, most carpets are amply dry within just 30 minutes and fully dry within four to twelve hours. You can walk on it as soon as we are finished. We recommend that you wear clean slippers and socks to prevent your carpets from getting dirty again.

Do you move my furniture when you clean carpet?

We can move furniture in preparation for cleaning, except for very large items. Once we have finished cleaning, we will move your furniture back to its original location.

How long will it take to clean my carpets?

An average size carpet in a lounge or dining room will take just over an hour to clean. We can tell you a more accurate time when we come to inspect your carpets for the first time. We will also assess the fibre content of your carpets so that we can use the best carpet cleaning procedure.

What methods do you use for carpet cleaning?

At Regency Cleaning, we offer a method of carpet cleaning that uses professional hot water extraction. Using safe and effective non-toxic cleaning agents, we wash and rinse your carpet thoroughly. Our industry leading cleaning units are powerful and efficient, and allow us to use just the right amount of water at the right temperature. The result is clean carpets that are residue-free and in most cases are dry in under an hour.

Can you treat pet stains and odour?

Yes, we can! Whether you own a cat, dog or another family pet, urine, fur and other nasties, can wreak havoc on your carpets. Not only does pet urine cause odours, but it can also cause staining and discolouration. We use a range of products that are designed to remove stains and deodorise affected areas.

Can you guarantee you'll get all the stains out of my carpet?

While our carpet cleaning methods are highly effective, we do come across stains now and again that are impossible to shift. However, our experts will do their utmost to remove all stains or to at least reduce the impact the stain has on your carpets. We will always be honest if we think that a stain cannot be removed.

What Our Customers Say

Customer Reviews

Through our decades of experience with residential cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning, we’ve handled just about every job imaginable. From really simple carpet cleaning jobs to tricky, stubborn stains that require a bit of deep cleaning, we’ve taken care of it all. Naturally, we’ve heard a thing or two about our cleaning service over the years. Take a look at what some of our happy customers have to say about Regency Cleaners.

Tan I. Cheltenham

“Since meeting Regency cleaners, their work has been impeccable and to such a high standard. We happily recommend them to all domestic and commercial customers. Great work, keep it up. The salon has never looked so Clean.”

Scott K. Cheltenham

“Regency Cleaners have always done a great job for us, at a good price too. We use them regularly and found them to be punctual and hard working. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for cleaning services.”

Monty M. Cheltenham

“These guys came out at a couple of days notice and did an excellent job on a heavily abused large lounge carpet. Really pleased with the result and the price. Mark and his colleague were friendly and efficient would, definitely use and recommend them again. thanks, guys.”

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Don’t wait until your carpets start changing colors. We can help you get started today with a superior carpet cleaning service that will completely restore all of your carpets from dirty and muted to clean and brilliant. Our team takes pride in our work, so when you hire us for your carpet cleaning needs you can rest assured that you’re getting the best.

Whether you want a cleaning estimate or simply have a general question, we encourage you to reach out and contact us. The best way to reach us is by phone, although we also accept online queries. Our company services Cheltenham and surrounding areas. Take a look at our locations page to see our service area. If you don’t see your town listed, simply reach out and contact us and we’ll do what we can to give you a hand.