Learn how to Clean Candle Wax from the Carpets

Candle wax is considered to be a difficult thing to remove from carpets, and if not done correctly it can damage the fibres. If possible you need to clean up the spill as soon as it happens, which will help to ensure that the carpet is not damaged. You will need to apply an entirely […] read more

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Crayons are excellent for Children but not so Good for Carpets

Crayons are an item that you are likely to have in your home if you have children, and although they can bring hours of fun, they can also cause headaches. The wax that is used to manufacture the crayons can be a nightmare to remove from carpets, and the dye is another factor you need […] read more

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Things to consider when Deciding How Often you should have Your Carpets Cleaned

Carpets can look stunning when in the correct environment and maintained to a high standard. Not only will they keep the room warm, but when clean they are beneficial for your health. If you allow the dirt to build up on the carpets, you will soon discover that they grow mould and can be harmful […] read more

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Gravy Stains on Carpets are Uncommon but Can Happen

Spilling gravy on the carpet is unusual, but it does happen, which is why you need to be prepared. A majority of the time it will be your children that drop their dinner on the carpet and gravy can be a headache to remove. You need to ensure that you act fast, and remove the […] read more

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Why do Spots Keep Reappearing on Your Carpet

All carpets will have something spilt on them at some point, and home remedies will often get them clean. However, when the stain keeps reappearing, it can be incredibly annoying, and you will want to find a solution. Some stains will return even after the professionals have cleaned your carpets, and it is referred to […] read more

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Why did my Carpet Buckle after Cleaning?

Carpet cleaning does come with some issues, and you need to understand that your carpet may buckle after professional cleaning. This is often due to the age of the carpet, and not through something that the professionals have done. You should never avoid having the carpets cleaned due to a fear of buckling, as cleaning […] read more

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How to Prolong the Life of Your Carpet

Carpets remain one of the most popular floor coverings that you can choose, and there is no better feeling than a soft carpet underfoot. However, many homeowners forget how vital it is to maintain the carpets, and leave them to become dirty and unloved. With basic cleaning and a regular cleaning regime, you will prolong […] read more

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How To Combat Sweets Sticking to Your Carpet

Sweets may be something that you only have in the house for distinct occasions; however, you are likely to have to clean them up from your carpet when they are dropped. Candy can be a stubborn stain to remove as it becomes sticky, and contains numerous colours and dyes. The moment it becomes deeply embedded […] read more

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Top Tips for Removing Mustard Stains out of Carpets

Mustard is a popular condiment that people use every day; unfortunately, this is one of the top things that get spilt on carpets. Accidents do happen; however, you need to react fast and ensure that the stain is dealt with immediately. If you leave the mustard on the carpet it will result in the problem […] read more

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Why is Carpet Cleaning Important and the Many Benefits you will Receive

Carpet cleaning is something that you will need to perform to ensure that your carpets remain in excellent condition. Over the years carpets begin to show signs of wear, and this is often accelerated by dirt, debris and dust. If you have children, pets or a high traffic home, you will notice the carpets getting […] read more

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