Do not panic when ketchup ends up on the Carpet

Ketchup is enjoyed by everyone young and old, which is how it often ends up on the carpet. Kids love it on every meal, and adults tend to use it for BBQ’s and parties, and accidents often happen. However, when the ketchup ends up on the carpet, you need to remain calm and act fast […] read more

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Making the Decision to Replace or Clean your Carpets

Your home and everything that you have inside is precious to you, which is why you want to ensure that it remains looking excellent. Carpets are a massive expense that you will have in your home; however, they will get dirty and begin to look old. This is when you need to decide whether replacing […] read more

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Steps you need to take when cleaning up after water Damage to Your Carpets

Water damage can be devastating, and cause a massive amount of problems throughout your home especially to floor coverings. Unfortunately, this is one of the worst things that can happen to carpets, and you need to understand how to clean up when a flood occurs. Even the smallest amount of flooding can be a problem, […] read more

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What to Do When You Spill Red Wine on the Carpet

Red wine is drunk by millions of people all over the world; unfortunately, it is also the most spilled beverage by adults. As soon as the red wine lands on the carpet, it is instinctive to panic, but you must stay calm. Regardless whether it is a full bottle, or a small amount from a […] read more

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Top Myths about Carpet Cleaning

There are numerous myths that surround carpet cleaning that you need to research and understand before you decide the best way forward with this cleaning project. You want to ensure that the equipment that you use is top quality and that you are capable of cleaning the carpets to a high standard. Taking the time […] read more

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Learn what to do When you Drop Make-up on the Carpet

Make-up can make you look and feel sensational, but when you drop it on the carpet it can be a disaster and ruin the floor covering if left untouched. You need to act quickly, and ensure that you remove the oil based substance as fast as you can. There are several different techniques that you […] read more

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Understanding the Difference between a Spot and a Stain on your Carpet

Carpets are excellent floor coverings, but when they have items spilt on them they can rapidly look old and worn. You need to clean up everything that is spilt on your carpet immediately, and learn the difference between a spot and a stain. There are vast differences and a carpet cleaning company in Cheltenham will […] read more

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Combating Pet Odours and Urine with Carpet Cleaning

Millions of homes have pets, and although they are part of the family it can be a problem when they have accidents on the carpet. House trained dogs are essential, but they can have a bad day and accidents do happen. Unfortunately, it can cause issues, and if not discovered immediately it can make your […] read more

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Top Tips for Removing Paint from your Carpets

Painting your home can bring a fresh new appearance to every room, but accidents do happen, and you may find that paint ends up on the carpet. When this happens you need to stop and think of the best way to deal with the problem. Some people panic and end up making the situation far […] read more

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Coffee Stains on the Carpet can be a Nightmare to Clean

A staggering two and a quarter billion cups of coffee are drunk every day, and a massive proportion of these end up on the carpet. This extraordinary beverage is enjoyed all around the world, and it is likely to be in your home. Being prepared and understanding how to clean up coffee stains can help […] read more

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